WebSphere MQ provides a set of language bindings for the majority of languages.  This downloadable package provides support for the Microsoft Windows .NET framework including a language binding for C#.  The release history of this package is available here.


In order to use the MQSeries.NET package, either the MQSeries server (V5.2 or better) or the MQSeries client must be installed.  In addition, the Microsoft .NET framework must also be installed.  This is supplied with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or may be explicitly installed from:

In addition, it is installable as a dynamic Windows update from:



The MQSeries.NET package may be downloaded as a Windows Setup installable from:


Using the package

The MQSeries.NET package installs a .NET assembly called MQ.dll.  This assembly can be referenced in projects created using Visual Studio .NET to access the classes contained within.

Once installed, the MQSeries.NET assembly can be found in the C:\Program Files\Kolban\MQSeries.NET directory.


A full set of documentation on the classes, their methods and properties is included in the package as well as being available for separate download here.  The documentation can be found in the C:\Program Files\Kolban\MQSeries.NET directory after installation.

A release history and set of further requirements can be found here.


A growing list of MQSeries.NET samples are becoming available.  They are available for download here.

These include:

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.NET is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

Last Updated: 07/24/2002